You're Right, There's No Magic Pill. It's A Magic Shake.

Throughout my career, my body has had its ups and downs. I’ve birthed babies, I’ve let myself stress eat [ paleo baked goods, of course ] and I’ve even gone down a mental spiral from reading hundreds of comments on a fitness forum critiquing my body. And all these years, I’ve been grain-free and dairy-free. The food I ingest on a daily, weekly and monthly basis has likely been almost the same the ENTIRE time. So, what’s to account for the body fluctuation? STRESS and WAKE+SHAKE

Without fail, as soon as I prioritize Wake + Shake as my morning routine and #justsaynotobreakfast - the whole game changes. My IG inbox floods with requests to know the secret? What am I doing differently? The answer is so simple one would wonder WHY, by my ripe age of 34, I haven’t just learned the lesson - JUST SAY YES to WAKE + SHAKE. If you’re like me, cooking paleo-licious breakfasts every morning to wash away the Mom guilt, you know how challenging it can be to not eat the Crepe or partake in the Scrambled Egg Burrito you just made. But, guess what? Saying NO helps you say YES to a ton of other MUCH more important things. For me, the list is clear and I’ll detail it below.

  1. When I Wake + Shake, I stop craving sh*tty foods all day long. My desire to snack is decreased by 100% and my energy stays consistent even without coffee.
  2. Within 48 hours, my stomach bloating is noticeably GONE - LIKE WHOA. It’s the kind of difference you notice when you even catch a glimmer of your upper abs in jeans or a flicker of a center line in the mirror. 
  3. I feel fulfilled without feeling FULL. My nutrient levels are optimized. I feel ready to conquer the day nutritionally without feeling a rumbling or heaviness in my gut.
  4. My blood sugar stabilizes and my mood is noticeably better and more consistent - even when I get stressed out at work.
  5. Cognitively, I’m on my A-game. There is a clear difference in my cognitive function after eating a full breakfast [I feel sluggish, tired, stomach is active] vs. after Wake + Shake

We’ve all been programmed to believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day - and in some ways this is the TRUTH. It’s just not TRUTH in the way that you’ve been taught. Raise your hand if you can see the food pyramid spread out on your plate with all of the food groups? This was translated directly into your brain by the dairy + grain industry - not real science. Like all science that uses “data” and recommendations on that “data” - you have to remember that “data” can be manipulated and often IS by the industry that paid for the study. Results can be adjusted by removing certain participants, criteria or data sets to get the result bought and paid for. 

 Let’s start breaking down WHY breakfast, nutritionally IS so important.When you wake in the morning, most people still have a significant amount of undigested food still needing to be processed . When we first wake, it is CRITICAL that our body’s focus be on finalizing the processing of this left over food and to POOP it out. Morning POOPS are critical, y’all. Sadly, what happens to most people is that while your body is still struggling to deal with your late night snacking, you start adding in more food [BREAKFAST]. You’re now asking your body to complete two opposing tasks: NUTRIENT BREAKDOWN + ABSORPTION and EXCRETION. Now, factor on top of these opposing tasks a meal with high quantities of each of the macro nutrient groups [ proteins, fats and carbohydrates - remember your plate pyramid]. Each macronutrient requires a different type of breakdown process in your body. For this reason, many people striving for optimum digestion keep their meals limited in scope i.e. focus 70% or more on only one of the macronutrient groups. This is EVEN more important in the morning. Your body’s worst nightmare is the standard American breakfast.

 Golden Ratio Bliss was specifically created to hit the optimal macronutrient levels for your morning use - the BONUS function in my mind is as an afternoon snack.  When you swap your breakfast for GR, what you’re getting in return is exceptional: pre and post digestive enzymes - this helps your gut while also helping increase the bioavailability of your protein, MCT oil - boost fat burn + cognition, grass-fed collagen - hydrophilic + binds to water in your lower gut to help facilitate excretion while boosting your immune system and helping regenerate soft tissue, pea protein- easy to digest, plant-based protein source & Lo Han Guo - a Chinese Herb with a naturally sweet taste that helps replenish soft tissue structures + cool the body.

 Wake + Shake has the MOST benefit when you mix it with cold water only. I know it’s tempting to add in nut butters, frozen fruit + almond milk but then you’re messing with the macronutrient profile and taking yourself dangerously close to food pyramid on the plate. GR Bliss was created to taste amazing with only water so before you go assuming it’s going to be yet another chalky substance you’re going to have to choke down - TRY IT. Add ice and be sure to shake well.

I have my shake between 6:30 and 7 am each morning and try to wait for my first meal until 11:30am - 12pm. What you’re going for is roughly a 5 hour window. Having your coffee after your Wake + Shake will likely do the trick to keep you mentally distracted during your 5 hour mini-fast. Remember - you’re not depriving your body during this time you’re FEEDING IT PROPERLY.

Now let’s talk post-workout shakes. If you’ve been following me for awhile, you’re likely familiar with my stance on post-workout shakes - THEY ARE BULLSH*T. If you are trying to TONE, FIRM & decrease OVERALL BODY FAT, your workout should be kicking you into fat burning mode. If you do this correctly, your body should be breaking down its own FAT and you shouldn’t be hungry after your workout. In my celebrity training days, I’d recommend to my clients that they’d have to push hard enough that they don’t feel hunger set in for at least an hour post-workout. If you want to enjoy some GR Bliss with a frozen banana + some other goodies as an afternoon energizing treat - BE MY GUEST <3

Every damn time I get myself back on the routine, it all changes and I’m left wondering why I strayedSo, don’t be like me and forget that you own your own supplement company, ok? Just do what works and your body will thank you.

With Love Always,