Keep Your Body And Mind Sharp This Summer

Keep Your Body And Mind Sharp This Summer

It’s that time of the year again. You know....when the sun comes out, you spend late nights with friends by the campfire, and EVERYONE seems to come out of their winter slumber. This is usually the time when our minds wander from the conscious eating we did all winter in preparation for summer and start turning towards unhealthy, quick, treats and drinks. Just because summer is here, doesn’t mean you need to start being a ‘beach’ to your body. To help you out, I’ve outlined some of my tips that will help you continue to slay your goals.

  1. PLAN

Now, this one may seem simple enough and maybe even make you say ‘Duh!’, but following through with this can be challenging. From week long meals to weekend getaways, planning ahead can help keep you on track to meet your goals. Taking the time to meal prep when you have an upcoming vacation or adventure outing can not only save some inches on the waist, but also some money in your wallet!

  1. PACK

To be honest, we never know when that perfect time will strike for an unexpected road trip or beach day. However, we do know that they happen a lot during the summer. Don’t fall into the trap of gas station snacks! Always have a bag packed and full of goodies that are good for you and going to keep you going! Some ideas are guacamole cups and veggies with a nuts and seeds mix, fruit snacks or fruit leather, jerky, and hard boiled eggs.

  1. BARS

This is an easy one. Protein bars are extremely portable, nutritious, and delicious (well…..some). As always, please read the ingredients. You’ll be shocked to find that one of your favorite protein bars has some pretty unnecessary ingredients. I might be biased, but my favorite bar for clean eating is the GLDN Bar from Golden Ratio Nutrition. They keep me satiated for such a long time which is really nice when I’m not entirely sure when the next time I’ll be able to eat a quality meal is. They have 13 grams of protein, are honey sweetened, and have PALEO chocolate chips!! It was a nice (extremely delicious) surprise when I left the bar in the car and came back to eat it and the chocolate chips were all melty.

  1. DRINK

Again, seems like a no brainer, but summer is this weird period where we don’t really follow the rules. Drinking a minimum of 4-6 glasses of water a day helps the body run optimally. You’re going to feel more full, which is going to helps prevent the munchies later. Besides fending off hunger, water is going to help rehydrate the skin after you’ve been baking in the sun. Getting bored? Add some cucumbers, limes, or raspberries for a refreshing infusion!

  1. LIMIT

Everyone loves to have have a good time, am I right? But sometimes we can get carried away (I’m guilty too). While it’s important to live your best life, it’s also important to keep those goals in the back of your mind. Excessive alcohol consumption does no ones body good. If you’re reaching for a cocktail this summer, think about mixing it with club soda and a twist of lemon or lime. Missing your usual whiskey ginger? Make your own using soda water and a splash of bitters!


Want an easy way to avoid self-sabotage? Cool it with all the sugar! Not only does refined sugar aid in weight gain, but it also makes you crave MORE sugar (and the cycle starts all over again). Even a product that claims ‘no added sugar’, will most likely still have an ungodly amount of sugar content or will be loaded with chemicals. Just for thought, a can of cavity inducing Coke has 39 grams of sugar, while the same amount of grapefruit juice has 31 grams. Yes, the type of sugar in each of those are different, and the grapefruit juice also gives you some vitamins and nutrients, but the body has the same insulin release response. Want to learn more? Head over to the #GRFIT blog to read their latest post about  'zero sugar'!

  1. PICKY

Michelle was nice enough to bring all the supplies for s’mores, so that means that you need to have one right? WRONG. Even the ‘one won’t hurt’ mentality can end up screwing you over. Soon 1 turns to 10. It’s OK to be a picky eater, even if your friends poke fun at you. I’ll even take that time as an educational opportunity to share my goals or reasons why I’m eating clean! Who knows, you might just inspire one of your friends to join you in your journey (hello accountability partners!)

The important thing to remember is that food is fuel. Cramming junk food in your body is only going to make you feel like junk as well. Following these tips isn't going to give you the six pack that you’ve secretly wanted, but they will help you feel, think, and look better throughout your entire summer. 


Danny Strohman

'Paleo Prince'


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