Why the Wake + Shake is a Game Changer


Oct. 4th 2015

The Golden Ratio Blog

Bizzie Gold's Fitness Tips:

Clients always ask me why adding the Golden Ratio Wake + Shake to their daily routine makes SUCH A BIG DIFFERENCE.

Here's the scoop: It works in a variety of ways to help your body function optimally.

  1. It helps to stabilize your blood sugar to CURB CRAVINGS all day long
  2. Substituting the Wake + Shake for breakfast, gives your body a chance to FULLY DIGEST & ELIMINATE all leftover waste from the previous day
  3. IT FEEDS YOUR MUSCLES the proper nutrients to help you repair damage and reach peak performance daily
  4. Golden Ratio's proprietary blend of pea protein, collagen and collagen peptides helps REPAIR JOINT DAMAGE while also HEALING THE LINING OF THE GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT and DECREASING THE INCIDENCE OF CELLULITE

If you choose to do ONLY ONE THING to reclaim your health and wellness - THIS should be the one.

    There are two simple rules then the rest is up to you to sit back and WATCH YOUR BODY change right before your eyes:
  1. You MUST drink within 30 minutes of waking before consuming ANYTHING else
  2. Mix Golden Ratio  Bliss Protein with WATER ONLY - no almond milk, fruit juice or whole fruit

Adding in fruit or nutrient complex beverages to the mix will GREATLY DECREASE the action of the Wake + Shake. The rest is up to you! I have had clients lose 7 lbs. in their first week of adding the Wake + Shake. We won't know what your results are until you give it a try. GET STARTED HERE >>

Written by: Bizzie Gold